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National Host of Hungary - Way to the information society

Establishment of the National Host of Hungary - A milestone on the road to Europe

The European community started to develop the international framework of Hosts as early as in 1994 to enhance the use of affordable telecommunications devices and applications. As a result, a high-speed data transmission infrastructure was developed in four years among the EU Member States, accessible to everyone.

The National Host of Hungary was established in October 1998 at the proposal of the National Board for Technical Development (OMFB) and with the support of the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Water Management and it has been operating since then as a full member of the International Network of Hosts. The successes achieved in the period since foundation show the Society's effectiveness in promoting the increased use of domestic IT and communications technologies and providing a high-standard professional background for the successful participation of Hungarian companies in EU tenders.

Being in tune for development

In today's accelerated, rushing world it is in everyone's common interest to use the potentials of the different communications channels as efficiently as possible. It is one of the Society's primary goals to increase the use of telecommunications infrastructure and the related research and development in Hungary. To accelerate this process, a demonstration place was set up with high-end technology called InfoStudio where the Hungarian telecommunications service providers and equipment suppliers can display their products, services and latest innovations in a competition-neutral environment.

The members of the General Meeting

Decision-making at the Society

The Society seeks to be present at any event where its activities can be explained in an efficient way. During the recent period it held lectures about its professional experience and work for the experts and representatives of IT firms and telecommunications companies at conferences organised jointly with the Telecommunication Conciliatory Forum and the National Board for Technical Development. The Society takes an active role in representing the professional interests of telecom companies.

The world on the move

The National Host of Hungary makes frequent visits to the members of the international Host network. For example, in the recent period the Society represented itself by small delegations at programs of professional nature in Stockholm, Helsinki and Nice.

The Society could benefit from the visits in many respects when setting up the InfoStudio, while the member organisations could attend lectures, conferences and exhibitions to familiarise themselves with the latest research results and gain greater confidence to help their respective companies prepare their tender applications.

Visit to the Swedish Host

Delegation of the Host at the IST 2000 conference in Nice

Competing with time
EU tenders for a user-friendly information society

There is a fierce competition among the applicants to win tenders invited by the European Union. This is not surprising as the European Union plans to spend 3600 million euros (950 billion forints) for four years from 1998 on some priority topics of the user-friendly information society.

Successful performance requires not only thorough knowledge of the tender material but the applicant's familiarity with the increasingly sophisticated tender culture as well such as project management approach which is an essential element stemming from the market-oriented approach of the 5th Framework Program.

Small group training at the Society's premises

The NHH's activities related to European Union tenders are crucial for the development of telecommunications technologies in Hungary. The Society surveys the demands and launches courses where experienced lecturers introduce the applicants to the secrets of writing applications with examples of Hungarian and foreign case studies. The persons finishing the courses will be able to participate in the European Union projects on equal terms with the competitors.

In the mirror of results

In 1999, a total of 16 successful applications were submitted by 174 Hungarian applicants in various topics of the user-friendly information society under the 5th Framework Program of the European Union. From among the Hungarian applicants, the NHH's member organisations were successful in 10 topics. The total amount of support won by the Hungarian applicants was 900 million forints that the winners could invest in further research and development. The Society played an important role in preparing the Hungarian applicants for the tenders.

Sándor Bottka and Zsolt Balassy, Hungarian members of the Brussels Executive Committee of the IST Program, 1999

Gear-changing in communication

Perhaps the most important technological developments of the recent years have taken place in the field of telecommunications. It can be said that the world has now arrived at a stage where life is simply unimaginable without the use of various communications devices. Of course, it is not indifferent what appliances and services to choose from the continuously increasing supply. You should first consider the application area and the related qualitative requirements when surveying your demands. Until now, the telecom service providers and manufacturers active in Hungary have had no public place available with high-tech equipment to show their products and services in a competition-neutral environment. The Society determined to set up a demonstration studio where the companies interested in telecommunications in Hungary can display their latest services and products.

InfoStudio - a precious contact

The InfoStudio is an open demonstration place for displaying the most advanced broadband wire and mobile infocommunications technologies with the use of various voice, data and image communications devices. The Society is committed to increasing the awareness and use of the services displayed in the InfoStudio.

Depending on the application, the InfoStudio is engaged in three types of activities:

- Market regulation

Till now, a customer wishing to subscribe to a telecommunications service has had to rely simply on the parameters expressed in bits and seconds to be able to make his choice from the various high-speed data transmission options offered by the service providers. Thanks to the InfoStudio, the services offered by telecom companies can now be viewed by anyone at a competition-neutral showroom. By establishing the InfoStudio, the NHH aimed to promote and accelerate the liberalisation of the Hungarian telecommunications market.

Precious appliances allow the solution of complex configuration problems Videoconference at the InfoStudio

- Training

The InfoStudio's tools provide an excellent opportunity to perform both benchmark tests on the various quality parameters of telecommunications systems and develop the methodology of and train videocommunications techniques. The Society makes the InfoStudio available to university education as well on a non-profit basis.

- InfoStudio - half business

In addition to the members of the Society, the high-tech InfoStudio can be used by anyone under a special agreement.
Due to its design and technical capabilities, the InfoStudio can be used not only for demonstrations and training but videoconferences as well.
The videoconferencing system can be used superbly in any situation where it is important for the communicating partners to be in personal contact with each other. It can be used, for example, in business life where the lack of personal contact might lead to serious loss of profit and it can be used as a cost-effective means in other areas of life as well.
Due to its excellent light and sound capabilities and high-speed data transmission system, the InfoStudio can even be used for making television studio interviews.
The above videoconferencing and television studio services are offered to anyone for whom economical operation and the access to high-quality services are equally important.

Member organisations of the National Host of Hungary Society (1999-2000):

Alcatel Hungary Kft
Antenna Hungária Rt
Budapest Technical University
Ericsson Távközlési Kft
GTS Magyarország Rt
Hungarocom Kft
LTO Society
Magyar Posta Rt
Matáv Rt
MTA Sztaki
Pantel Rt
Theodore Puskás Foundation
Siemens Telefongyár Kft
Synergon Informatikai Rt
System Consulting Rt
Széchenyi István College - Győr
Telecommunication Conciliatory Forum
Westel Mobil Távközlési Rt.

President: MARTOS Balázs
Executive Officer: Dr. BALASSY Zsolt
Presidium: DOBOZI Péter, HORVÁTH Pál / BÁRÁNYNÉ Dr. SÜLLE Gabriella, KUBINYI Imre, Dr. MOJZES Imre

Additional information about the National Host of Hungary is available at

Executive Officer: Dr. Zsolt Balassy

National Host of Hungary Society
H-1398 Budapest, Pf. 570
Budapest VI., Munkácsy Mihály u. 16.
Tel.: +361-301-2035, +361-301-2080

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